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* Please restrict or limit the consumption of alcohol/drugs prior to readings or workshops.
Always open to your party suggestions.



Now taking reservations, deposit required.

Have your Psychic Home Party at Amy K's!
No need to clean & prep, 
Guests will have access to a full kitchen and are welcome to
bring their own food & beverages, plates & utensils

Mini readings are great for a fun, light party atmosphere and run between 15-30 minutes.
I can accommodate between 5-6 people for mini readings.
Fee is $50 per person 
Full readings are great for a more in depth reading or smaller more
intimate gathering. They run between 45-55 minutes.
I can accommodate 3-5
people for full readings. 
Fee is $75 per person.

Guests are encouraged to (but isnít necessary) know their birthday, birth time (including am or pm) and city of their birth. If so I will include a brief reading of their chart and include important astrological information in their reading that is beneficial to them. 

One prepaid reading will serve as a non refundable deposit to reserve your date. Deposits can be paid for with credit/debit card (secured through Square w/electronic receipt) over the phone, in cash at my NF location by appointment or by money order through the mail (no checks or gift certificates accepted, sorry for any inconvenience). You may choose either mini or full readings for your guests. All readings are recorded and sent free of charge via email. CD copies can be ordered and picked up at my Niagara Falls location for a fee of $10 or mailed to your home for a fee of $20.
Please refrain from more than one alcoholic
beverage or any non prescription medications or drugs until after the reading is complete.
Thank you.

Due to the sudden unexpected closing of SOMA Massage & Healing,
all appointments, lessons and healings will take place at the following location.

616-74th St Niagara Falls NY 14304
(LaSalle Area)


Party Themes

Red Light Transfiguration

$25 per person

Red Light Transfiguration Discussion & Seance Party

 can be requested/scheduled for groups of 4 - 6 people, at night only, must be dark room

A form of physical mediumship, once popular in Victorian times. Transfiguration occurs usually in a darkened room, using a small red light to enable people to see the transfigured features of the person(physical medium) before them. Red light has a minimal effect due to its slower frequency within the light spectrum (as in the development of photographs). Spirit will many times produce a mask over the face of the medium, to form a likeness of themselves, even moving facial features & changing hair. This workshop is experimental as well as experiential. It requires an open mind and the ability to sit quiet and relaxed

Creating Sacred Space Demonstration
Learn how to cleanse your home of vibrations (associated with anger, sickness, sadness, anxiety etc..) and transform it into an atmosphere of peace joy and harmony. We will discuss cleansing, filling and preserving energies in your home and self by using all four elements, color, sound and intention in many practical ways. Learn to make your home or environment a more harmonious and sacred space for all within it. $50 per person includes mini blessing and cleansing kit. 90 minutes of instruction available for a Q&A session.