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Readings In Person or By Phone

Private Single Session - $75  up to 55 minutes

Mini Session* - $50  up to 25 minutes

Extended Session $85   60+minutes

*(Great for specific inquiry or a quick general reading)

sessions recorded free of charge and sent via email

CD Recordings of your session can be ordered

$10 (pick up at Studio) or mailed to you for $20

All appointments require a $25 deposit upon scheduling, payable by credit/debit over the phone, secured via Square with an electronic receipt sent to your email or cell phone.

 I apologize for any inconvenience.

                    The Private Single Session reading will provide the client with a general overview consisting of;

                            *Present Circumstances.
                                       *Past events which have relevance to present or future situations.
                                       *Important upcoming events/future.

                   Consultations can focus on specific areas of your life such as: 

                                       *Love & relationships.
*Career & finance.
*Family & legal matters.
*Health concerns.
*Spiritual matters/ connecting with loved ones who have passed.

                         These sessions can help a person;

                                       *To take advantage of present & upcoming opportunities.
                                       *Learn from mistakes.
                                       *Avoid or lessen mishaps
                                       *Align with personal life path.
                                       *Enrich ones life.


Zodiac Spread

 The Zodiac Spread Amy is now offering Tarot in a more introspective and healing manner. The Zodiac Spread has the client looking at their reflection while showing the flow of current trends in areas of their life that will shape their near future and continue to have resonance in the more distant future. This layout is empowering as it points out problem areas where the client may wish to make changes. Amy then takes the reading a step further by helping the client initiate those changes in the spread with card manipulation, crystals and focused intent. The spread can then be recreated in the home environment to continue the healing focus of the session.

$75/ 40-60 minute session.